To my Muslim brothers and sisters

I am not much of an intellectual person. Nor a keen student of religions. What I assume {& believe that most of you guys reading this would agree with} is…religions are just ways of living. So is Islam. I do NOT think that the base…or rather the origin of Islam would be having so much hatred for other religions and permission to violence.

But…since years…I have had many bad experiences, which makes it really hard to believe in muslims.

We have muslim locality as our neighbors in our town. We have seen them cheering up when Pakistan wins the cricket match…and getting exhilarated if the victory is against India. I have seen them creating nuisance during festivals, fairs etc. They come to our colony, create useless and baseless quarrels, talk arrogantly, threat women n children…and get lost. Some muslim kids in the neighborhood always catch school going kids, ask for money, threaten them…etc.

These are quite NORMAL experiences…such goons are every where, in each and every religion. Right?

This is what I tell myself. But the above experience is nothing…if compared with the following.

I have completed my Engineering staying away from home. During those years, I had formed good friendship with my muslim classmates. I used to discuss our religious differences with one of them…he is a very nice, decent guy. It used to be a nice experience. We were very close friends.

In our final year, ATS [Anti-Terrosist Squad] came to the town…arrested one of our alumni…he was charged for having role in Delhi blasts. {Remember Operation BAD MAN of Indian Mujahidin?}

After that experience…for quite a few days, I was unable to be the same kind of friend with my buddy and those classmates…as I used to be. Was it wrong? Was that my fault? Imagine…a guy..whom u know personally…is arrested for such an act!

Fortunately, my conscience helped me to be at good terms with those buddies and I didn’t lose my dear friends. But this has happened with thousands of Indians…after such experiences, if one asks oneself the question “Shall I trust Muslims?”…is it wrong?

Even if our conscience says that “NOT EVERY MUSLIM IS A TERRORIST”…can we risk our trust?

And even if Muslims are NOT terrorists, the locality where they live, the way of their always carries a suspense.


I have also seen muslims cheering up our Indian Cricket team…

I have witnessed muslims groaning when innocent people die after every terrorist attack…

I always remember my friend and see him in every muslim…

During my discussions on different groups/communities on facebook/orkut I have met quite a few Muslim guys who are true patriots. They always greet me by saying “Jai Hind” or “Vande Mataram” when I meet them online. Some have actually worked hard to form groups of people and are working on ground…doing something for society. And, fortunately, these patriots, my muslim friends and such other facts are stopping me from becoming an extremist.

Sadly, we see “relatively few” muslims expressing their love for country but much more doing harm for the same. How many muslims post patriotic posts, comments on different facebook/orkut groups/communities or their profile? How many muslims participate in different discussions on social issues like corruption, poverty etc which happen every where? Very few. What all our muslim peers “seem” to care about is, conveying and convincing their fellow peers that Islam is the best religion.

PLEASE DON’T GET ME WRONG. I, from the bottom of my heart trust that NO religion teaches terrorism, violence or hatred for others. But it’s a fact, which I myself have witnessed…many of my matured and well mannered muslim friends are very much into religion…and comparatively less in nation or into well being of the society as a whole. I truly believe that, NOT all muslims are bad. Most of them love India as much as I/WE do. I am just requesting them to express it…and come into main stream of Indian Youth. Not just as followers of Islam…but as followers of “Indian”ism and of Humanity.

I wrote this blog today, because I’m witnessing extreme hatred for Muslims amongst our generation. Where ever I see young guys coming together and discussing about India, it’s problems…some how, from someone this issue pops up. And there’s no system, nobody to sovle this problem. Well, there are extremists from both the sides to increase the distance between them. But no one to the bridge the gap. I request my muslim friends to bridge this gap…unless they convey this issue to their community and try to work on it…of course, with us…it’s impossible to decrease the misunderstandings from both the sides.

I have written something which was troubling me since months. This is a very delicate topic…no one speaks about it openly. But now…we must start discussing it. I hope I didn’t hurt anyone …I tried to convey it in the best possible way I could.

Cheers and Peace!!!
Jai ho!!!
P.S. :

1) For me, Cricket is not at all the most important thing So, supporting Indian Cricket team, for me, is in no
way related to patriotism. A person can love Australian team…or any other team. But when “some” muslims support Pakistan’s team, they don’t support it because they like the Cricket the team plays but because they support Pakistan. We ALL KNOW this.

2) Saying Jai Hind or Vande Mataram doesn’t prove that you are a patriot or you are a good citizen. Shouting such slogans and taking bribes is of no use! I understand this. AND I know that there are some concepts in Islam which prevent them from saying such things. That’s perfectly fine!!! I was just giving an example above.


  1. This is a wonderful, wonderful article...i think every thought on indian muslims expressed here.
    Though i do think that current european model of passive nationalism is better than 'i wear nationalism on sleeve' thing indian patriots like..

  2. Nice article..N I praise for ur opinion on a very sensitive issue.But if a Hindu in Pakistan refuses to say those words that matter to show patriotism in Pakistan will Pakistani allow him/her to live or will they just keep quiet and try to understand his/her religious restrictions?Do u really thing they will behave in 2nd said way?
    Nopp...never...So why shud we.
    Do in rome as romans do or go into Pakistan.
    France govt implemented a ban on Gurkha why shudnt we make compulsion of at least those thing which r core of our freedom fight..??
    Some day they will refuse to say our Nationdl anthom n I bet our so called 'Secular' will take their side.