No more poems on you

i wrote for you
even before we met
i wrote with you
while the sun set

for i always knew
you were there some where
hiding behind the omens
waiting for my glare

fool that i am, never did it occur to me
never wondered how would it be like after we meet
a whirlpool of joy or hurricane of sorrow
a hollow pleasure or... some sadness tasting sweet?

and bang...there were you!!
blushing and laughing out loud...!
finally i found you...!
............on the dark-silver lined cloud

it was easier to dream you
and...pleasant to desire...
the matter gets worse after achieving...
whatever we always aspire!!!

now i will dream something else
now i will aspire something better
for you was not worth it...
to build myself for you...only again to shatter!

oh my destiny...the fulfilled, the accomplished one...
i have learned travelling along the path which reaches to you...
oh my desire...i just went ahead clearly through...
i am moving on, i am moving more poems on you


  1. "..hiding behind the omens
    waiting for my glare.." <<<<---- Kadak!