Islam...Muslims...and "True Secularism"

Read an excellent marathi article by Salim Khan a few days back. In the article, he explains how Islam is NOT a religion of violence and how muslim extremists are creating a wrong picture all over the world. Well, I didn't need his article to come to the same conclusion. My conscience always told me that no religion will teach violence. The problem, I believed, was not with "Islam" but with "Muslims" {a few Muslims...or the most of...or all a matter of debate!}. I had posted a blog... To my muslim brothers and sisters long back.

In the above blog post of mine, I had requested muslims to come out of their shell. To "Express" that they don't mean violence. That they OPPOSE violence in the name of Jihad.
The blog was written with a premise that Muslims, the most of Muslims, don't support / don't encourage violence. The only message I wanted to give was..."Silence means please...speak up!!!"

Today, after the recent Mumbai riots and after the deadly chilling silence among muslims about the shameful act, I find my faith in them rattled.

The secular mindset imparted by my Hindu upbringing...which teaches me to believe in my own philosophy of life and to respect others...doesn't allow me to believe blindly "All Muslims are 'like that only' mentality". I firmly believe that as we have some extreme "Hinduism is the best" do they.

But the issue is with the "absence" of the counterpart!

Be it Hinduist political parties or groups or leaders...we have "other" type in a prominent number...much more than the former one.
For every "extreme hindu" we have at least 3-4 "True Seculars"...and a few pseudo seculars (read: politicians).

Where is THIS counter part in Muslims? A few like Salim Khan? And how often do they speak? I have read very very few such articles by prominent muslims. I have witnessed even fewer "common men/women" among muslims who ridicule such hideous acts.

Every time a hindu extremist starts abusing muslims...I give examples of Dr Kalam n A R Rehman n the likes. But my inner voice always asks...Are all of these prominent muslims enough vocal about these issues? Do they appeal muslim crowd to get out of "we are special/different" mentality? Isn't there a need to do that? Their religion...which they proudly follow (and they should...they have every right to do so) being said as a cause of violence. Don't they think that it's all wrong? And that a bunch of crackheads are ruining it all? Don't they want to make things right? Don't they feel it's necessary to COMMUNICATE that this all is shit? These Qs are not just for prominent muslims...but...for aam muslim jantaa too.

Do they feel it's important to make others believe that they don't mean trouble?
Don't they feel to answer a simple Q...Whom do they support? Bangladeshi Muslims...or Indian Hindus???

If Islam believes in True Secularism...why aren't they vocal about it? Why wouldn't they condemn Bangladeshis infiltrating and killing our INDIAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS?

Posting this...on my blog...raises a threat of me losing my beloved muslim friends...or tainting our friendship.
But I couldn't control posting this. I can't "just ignore" something like this.

I wish these Qs were easy to ignore. 


  1. I think the extremists in Muslims are much more powerful (or are much more in number) than the seculars as compared to those in Hindus.....that's why the secular voice in Hindus is quite louder in us than that in them.....

  2. Sorry mate. Call me fundamentalist or extremist or whatever, I dont really care.
    As it strikes to me, terrorism does not hit the floor like a thunder out of nowhere. It has to be woven in a certain "ism". "ism" demands for protocol. Protocol is nothing but the directive for both active and passive followers.
    In this case islam is the ism and kuran is its protocol. muslims are the followers. Terrorists are active while others are passive. I will send you the exact recites from the Kuran, making non-islamists suffer. Not every religion conveys peace. The longer you take to admit this closer the doom gets :-) the problem lies in the protocol and so in the followers of the same. You simply have to destroy both to install peace worldwide.
    -Mihir Karandikar

  3. Very nicely you have pointed out the silence of the good people in muslims making us believe "they all are the same".
    But the question that disturbs me the most is....
    Every time there is injustice(not confirmed) with any muslim anywhere in the corner of this world,the muslim in the other corner of the world,who has no relation at all with the other will start agitating with all his might that too against the ple he has been with(who had nothing to do with whatever injustice happened to anyone anywhere),where he has been loved,accepted,where he has his interests....why?
    A really strange behaviour exclusive with muslims and the common answer being "All muslims are children of allah and all are brothers,no matter where they are".
    Aren't they DIRECTLY saying that they prefer a pakistani,bangladeshi,arab,talibani an indian(anyone except muslim)
    How do you expect people to love you and accept you when you blantly say that "i dont care for you at all but i care for someone miles away,someone i don't know,someone i will never know".
    I am sure the problem that every other Indian has with these(some of them or most of them or all) is not that "We don't consider them as one of us" is "They don't consider them as one of us".
    Every other indian is happy being an indian first and so they are happy being what they are,so they don't need to agitate for who they are every now and then.

  4. why r we looking here & there we will get answer from history.if we look deep in history Mir qasim to ajmal kasab we will find concept of darul Islam.this secularism bhaichara this & that is bullshit.if we remain ideal like this after 500 years we have to settle in Andaman Nicobar islands only.

  5. for every extreme hindu we have 3 - 4 true seculars & few pseudo seculars , yes this is the fact . Mr bhau torsekar wrote about it in punynagri newspaper