(So called) Anti Corruption Movement Timeline

01) Congress Forms Gov (UPA)
02) UPA fails on several fronts
03) Citizens become a little bit angry
---(And Narendra Modi becomes famous)

04) CWG / Adarsh / 2G etc etc happens
05) Citizens become more angry
06) Issue of Black money creates buzz
07) Citizens become more and more angry
---(And Narendra Modi becomes famous)

08) Ramdev baba comes with solutions

09) Ramdev baba launches a political party
10) Congress in deep trouble

(And Narendra Modi becomes famous...And it seems that BJP has finally found a leader...and that BJP can even win elections single handed under Modi's leadership)

11) Team Anna enters political front all of a sudden
12) Paid media laughs at Ramdev baba and supports Team Anna
13) Both movements create buzz
14) Paid media and Congress "hits" Ramdev baba with whatever they have got
15) IAC and Team Anna do excellent marketing and promotion of their movement, donations flow flawlessly

16) People's attention diverted from Baba to Anna
17) People's support diverted from Baba to Anna

*Team Anna ready to launch a new political party*
*BJP / Ramdev baba...in a fix...!!!*

In short...

King --- Sonia Gandhi ( ---or even worse --- The Invisible Hand behind her---)
Queen --- Team Anna
All others --- Pawns

Citizens of India ... Checkmate!!!


  1. ओंकार अच्छा विश्लेषण है |

  2. Very crisp.
    you have given a great thought. Thanks

  3. very good designed Timeline of ACM its starts &checkmate Citizen of India....you must be not saying that Hon Mr Narendra Modi's become famous only because King & Queen(?)

    1. Of course not! I am trying to say...that Queen was troubled because of Modi...so she used Anna to defeat him.