Since my childhood, I have been with people with diverse thoughts, firm opinions…backed with some matured thought process. Its amazing to see how some of them sought right information…digging through various sources…just to KNOW what has really happened and then forming right opinions.

RIGHT…according to them…or their source of info for that matter.

But, such people were very few. Most of us just believe what ever comes to our mind after reading/watching/listening to something somewhere. And, surprisingly, these believes are hard to change. Be it opinion about Gandhi or Godse, The concept of God, The Indian Freedom Movement, Hitler…what ever it may be…our opinions and prejudices are hard to change.

The more surprising and disheartening fact is, our opinions…be it wrong or right {who am I to judge them?}…are Extreme.

So, if Gandhi is a good person…he is like the best. What ever he did was ONLY AND ONLY RIGHT!!! No…he never committed any mistakes…he is like God…the perfect almighty!!! And if he was a bad person…he is the worst of what India has ever got…he is responsible for Partition, and he never did worthwhile for India.
If Godse did a wrong thing by doing “GandhiVadh” {as he had claimed} then he is an Extreme Hindu Activist, a maniac etc…and if he did it right…then…man…he is like God for us…

If Brahmins were brutal and cruel in the past…they are STILL like that…if some Muslims are terrorists…every Muslim is…

At THIS level…of age and education…in an MBA college…i find…students with diverse background, work experience sharing such thoughts, then what to expect from our Rural, Uneducated “Brothers and sisters of India” ?

I sometimes wonder, if such Professional Courses kill the spark of patriotism or even the love we have towards our own people, our home town. In the world of “Millions of Turnover”, “Net Profit”, “High pressure/Low Pressure Selling”, . . . , Annual Package…CTC…, do we tend go away from where we actually belong ???

Does, the attraction of the sea of  High Profile Career makes the stream of us…youngsters…go away from our origin…from where we actually belong???

And what happens…if we go away from our origin with wrong temperament…wrong and extreme opinions about our past, our present…our own people???

Will it result in chaos???

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