We DON'T deserve better politicians and certainly not a revolution

The recent Municipal Polls and the result of the polls, both were eye openers for me. Yeah...BOTH. There were messages sent out loudly to the world before the election and after the result.

I was, for the first time, in my home town while the elections took place. So, I could observe how the promotion of these candidates happens, how the support is gathered and how the politics is played.

Before "The Day", the way in which votes are demanded was very disturbing. I was pretty sure that the "Anna" factor was going to haunt not just Congress and its allies but all the political parties. It was bound to happen...right? Not just UPA, all the political parties and allies are equally liable and responsible for the misery we all are facing. I was not just hoping, but was damn sure, that NOW people will demand some answers from these leaders. I thought NOW, FINALLY, these people are going to have a tough time!

IDIOT, I WAS!!! The same old game was played again! And we DID play along!

I used to think that the dirty politics of "money and cast-vote-bank" is played only in villages or at the most, taluka places. In district like ours...where almost everyone is literate enough to READ, UNDERSTAND and ANALYSE...doing such a political game was simply impossible! Still we used to have same election results for years. To this, I used to answer myself, console myself, saying there are no good options na...! Whom else are we gonna vote?

But THIS time...it was supposed to be different!

Still we made Congress-NCP alliance win these elections. Offering them whatever we have got...once again!

I witnessed how casts play an important role in these elections. I witnessed how youngsters go to have treats from those party workers...promising, in return, all the votes from their respective families.

These are the same people, who wholeheartedly abuse the same politicians throughout 5 years. Those were same younsters who gathered in squares and on kattas, discussing about JanLokpal Bill and expressing their support to Annaji and the movement.

huh...this is the same feeling...which I experience when I travel through public transport or when I cross a signal.

Indians are undisciplined and unmannered at their core!

Yeah...we, Indians ARE mindless.

Just like one of our professor says..."Selfish pigs!!!"

We really deserve these crooks to rule us.

We do not deserve better politicians.
And certainly not a revolution.


  1. You precisely wrote what lot of us think and get irritated with....

  2. So to bring something positive out of this article... Are you arriving at a conclusion that not netas but first we need to change, people need to change? The core needs to change?

    1. Sumedh...precisely! We DO need to change. But, there's one more aspect that should be considered. Will post about it soon. Thank you!