Gandhi-Godse-Savarkar...when will the debate end?

Who was right... Gandhi-Godse-Savarkar ... ? Who did the most right thing...? These are the questions haunting us since decades. But till when?

We all believe that these people were great...because of their actions. Some might feel otherwise for Gandhi or Godse. The motive behind their actions, the logic behind their decisions might be a matter of debate.

The thought process behind their actions might be a reason to have conflicts.

But WHICH thoughts are right, WHICH choices are wise...should not be a debating topic...! The "Non violance" professed by Gandhi, to some, might be too optimistic and extreme. The Gandhi assassination by Godse also could be a brutal act to some. But if there's a consensus on "WHICH" reason, what motive justifies the act...then there's no reason to debate further...right?

Who is/was right...Gandhi-Godse-Savarkar...? Instead of asking and arguing on these issues...isn't it wise to ask each other questions like...what can we learn from them...which values, ideologies should we follow...?

Can't we keep other useless debates on what happened in past and move on?

Can't we utilize our time in using the learnings AND...APPLY improve the world we are living in?

Isn't it more important?

गांधी-गोडसे-सावरकर...वाद कधी संपणार?

गांधी-गोडसे-सावरकर ... ह्यांमध्ये कोण किती योग्य होतं...कुणी काय केलं...का केलं ह्यावर आपण किती वेळ विचार आणि वाद घालावा? ह्याला... आपण...किती महत्व द्यावं?

हे तिघेही त्यांनी केलेल्या कामामुळे आम्हाला, कमी अधिक फरकाने, मोठे वाटतात. कदाचित कुणाला गांधी तर कुणाला गोडसे...मोठे वाटणार नाहीत. मूळ विचार आणि कृती...त्या मागची भूमिका...ह्यावर दुमत असू शकतं.

त्यांनी केलेल्या कृती "योग्य विचाराने" प्रेरित होत्या की नाही...ह्यावर वाद होऊ शकतो.

परंतू कुठली विचारप्रणाली योग्य ह्यावर दुमत नसावं...! गांधींनी दिलेला अहिंसेचा संदेश कुणाला एकांगी वाटत असेल कदाचित. गांधीहत्या देखील चूक वाटू शकते. पण त्या दोन्ही मागची "भावना" कशी असेल तर ती कृती योग्य...ह्यावर जर एकमत झालं... जे होणं मला फार कठीण वाटत नाही... तर वादाचा विषय उरतो का?

गांधी-गोडसे-सावरकर...योग्य की अयोग्य, महात्मा की दुरात्मा...ह्या चर्चेपेक्षा...त्यांच्या वैचारिक मंथनातून आपण काय शिकू शकतो, कुठली भूमिका... (कुठली...कुणाची नव्हे...कुठली!!!) योग्य असू शकते हे जर कळलं तर झालं ना?

आपण आज ते तेवढं शिकून बाकीचा उहापोह बाजूला नाहीका ठेऊ शकत?

उरलेला वेळ आजची परिस्थिती सुधारण्यावर नाही का लाऊ शकत? ते अधिक महत्वाचं नाहीये का?

in the doesn't even matter

U r special for me
don't ask me how n why
my feelings for u dear
u don't, but knows the sky

no matter how much u hurt
no matter how much u hate
u are my dependable ally
u are the soul-mate

i wish u could see the tears i shed
when u make me sleep on the thorny bed
i wish u could know the pain in my heart
to see every day our relation degrade

the evening with me, watching the sunset
is it now a reson for u to feel regret?

The seawater that day, was not chill at all
ur hand in my hand...was warm enough, after all

u gave me joy
u gave me smile.
U made me feel something
i had forgotten for a while

today i wonder
Why did u accompany me,...if u had to leave me alone

why show me cushion of care
if u were to present me a barbed throne?

baby i would love to see your heart smile
even if it takes mine to shatter
but looking into ur eyes now, all i think is
in the doesn't even matter