in the doesn't even matter

U r special for me
don't ask me how n why
my feelings for u dear
u don't, but knows the sky

no matter how much u hurt
no matter how much u hate
u are my dependable ally
u are the soul-mate

i wish u could see the tears i shed
when u make me sleep on the thorny bed
i wish u could know the pain in my heart
to see every day our relation degrade

the evening with me, watching the sunset
is it now a reson for u to feel regret?

The seawater that day, was not chill at all
ur hand in my hand...was warm enough, after all

u gave me joy
u gave me smile.
U made me feel something
i had forgotten for a while

today i wonder
Why did u accompany me,...if u had to leave me alone

why show me cushion of care
if u were to present me a barbed throne?

baby i would love to see your heart smile
even if it takes mine to shatter
but looking into ur eyes now, all i think is
in the doesn't even matter


  1. wowwwwwwwwww....i m speechless....aaj pasun mi tujhya kavitan chi fan jhale...keep it up omkar :)
    u r very good...:)

  2. Bro so you have this talent too .. good going keep writing

  3. kay mahnu....speechless....masta....tu itki chan kawita pan kartos...multitalented omkar...:) (Y)