!!! To Valentine or Not to Valentine !!!

This is the 26th Valentine's Day of my life. But there's a difference between past 25 and this 26th Valentine's day. I was not aware of the acute support and oppose for the day before. Not as much as I am aware this year. Thanks to my girlfriend...facebook. (Yeah...a girl friend with totally attractive features...like "Account Settings", "Report Abuse", "Ask Questions" and...most interestingly "Privacy Settings" ...! Does anyone have any better girlfriend? :D )

So, facebook is letting me know "What's going on their minds". There is such a huge support, appreciation, affection and admiration for this whole V-Day concept, that I am reading status updates from many of my inactive friends! They are coming online only to post stuff about V-Day!

Also, there's an acute and extremely adamant oppose for the concept from many many dear friends of mine. Patriotic, Cultural, Religious friends. They have a lot of issues with V-Day. From attack of western culture on ours to the vulgarity our folks show in parks and on beaches. They have a lot of worries. Totally justified worries. And some have an objection on making such a big issue of just a single day for love. We can express our love 365 days - through out the year - right? Then what is the fuss about this 14th of feb?

I think, Love, Expression of Love and the things which follow the expression of love are...very personal choices. As personal as Religion. It's our personal choice to express our love, care and affection on any day. It's just that, we must have a sense of doing it decently...while taking care that our life doesn't get ruined.

Also, 14th Feb gives us an opportunity to revive our relations with our loved ones. In the hectic life that our generation has, I seriously wonder if we have got enough time to express how important our loved ones are for us. And it is very difficult to maintain the expression throughout the year...even if you have the feeling and the will to do so. V-Day gives us that opportunity. This is what happens...when we have festivals right?

Why to worship Lakshmi Maa on Lakshmi Pujan? Why do fasting especially in Ramzan? Why so much excitement about Christmas? We can do all the pujaa and worshiping and praying 24 x 7...!!! Right?
BUT...certain days HAVE some emotional connect. Some importance. And we follow it...enjoy it...!

So is the case with V-day...! Of course...the history of the day CAN NOT be...in any way...compared with the religious days. I don't dare doing that. Festivals are very very auspicious. But we all must understand the importance of "a special" day...as it carries some meaning for the aam-admi.

Despite of all this logic...I feel, those who "enjoy" the day in a certain way...are being fools.
Fools...made by "some".

Who generates, maintains and promotes the ideas like Valentine's day?
I knew only V-Day initially. Now, I came to know that it's not just a day but a WEEK...! EVERY DAY has some meaning.
Who comes up with all this...? AND who promotes and spreads this word?

Ring any bells???

People like "Archies"... !
Just look around yourselves. All you must have seen throughout the month is innumerable stalls and shops full of some heart shaped and literally...USELESS...stuff. And if you look carefully, you must have witnessed guys (I tend to believe that GUYs buy the stuff for the GIRLs. I might be wrong :p ) , who certainly have an IQ level to interpret that the things are, INDEED, useless, are still buying them...!

So, be it a gift purchased or a date at CCD in a hope to 'happen' something or whatever...IF you are doing it for your love...it's not just you who are enjoying "The" day. It's those others...actually, enjoying more than you...who CREATED, MARKETED and PROMOTED this...and many such ideas.

The attack of western culture on ours is a spin-off. And it is bound to happen as we grow. We will influence their culture, they will influence ours. The new generations will accept and embrace things which appeal to them. Things which lose charisma after a period of time will be left behind...forgotten. That's how we get evolved. And that is something no moral policing can prevent.

In short, To Valentine or Not to Valentine...is a personal question...which should be answered by using more of brains than of hearts.