The {in}famous decision of Marriage!!!

I feel very sad these days. For my buddies. Similar aged. All are getting married. One after another. The "Sad" feeling, of course, is not intentional. I just happen to be sad for them. Whenever my mom tells me on phone that someone's got engaged or married my instant reply is "Arre arre!! That's sad! Shit! How come? When? How?"...!
I don't know how but that's the reflex from my end on the news!

And it's not just me. We all know innumerable quotes on marriage and how life changes after marriage.

Sadly, these quotes, i find to be true. When i see my married buddies. :( I sometimes feel like asking these poor souls...guys...what happened to you?!!

People tend to oppose my view, laugh at it. Sometimes ridicule it. But still, somehow, i believe i express something which is shared by many, if not all. I think Marriages are done out of "having no other option". We just don't have guts to stand up and say "i don't give it a damn! i'm not gonna get married". The Qs and worries like what happens in future, what would the society say, what about my parents' dreams etc etc make us take the famous decision.

I have observed this peculiar phenomenon throughout my college years. During my late teens, all of us shared a same opinion. "Shadi...bachhe...YUCK!!! Kyaa boring life hai...!" As i entered twenties, my friends became "wiser" and had other thoughts.
A concept in Marketing..."Need, Want and Demand" started screwing up their teenage dreams.

The need of security in future.
The want of some companion because of "the fear of unknown" and some "censored" things.
The demand from parents and society. 

All this, summed up, gives a result called MARRIAGE!!!

Of course, I am not opposing or ridiculing the institution of marriage. I am just wondering whether the decision of getting married changes the path of a young mind. We all dream big when we are young. Nothing seems too difficult to achieve. Then the world starts telling us how many hurdles we need to face to achieve our dream. Then the world tells us how difficult it is to over come those hurdles. And finally, the world succeeds in convincing us...that those were just "dreams"...not meant to be realized at all.

I am wondering whether this marriage thing plays any role in making us put our dreams aside. And lead ordinary lives. Yeah...our lives become ORDINARY...not because we get married...but because we keep our childhood dreams aside.

An elder cousin of mine...excellent poet...had a dream of becoming an artist. He still has collection of his Gazals. He is thinking of publishing them. Since years. Initially, i thought, it's just our sluggishness...which prevents us from pursuing our dreams. We are either afraid of failures or not crazy enough about the dreams. But then...this fear of failure is a result of responsibilities as well. The craziness about our dreams diminishes in the daily chorus. There are very few who manage to do all of it...pursuing their dreams while managing the family n kids n kids' schooling n wife's shopping n what not. Either they MANAGE it pretty well...or they IGNORE the pursue their dreams. Doing that, to me, appears pretty selfish! the end, it's human nature to choose to the easier path. Keep our dreams aside...kill them...or...have a hope that you will do "something about it" after listening to the world, relatives, friends and family... choosing not to listen to your own heart...becomes easier in the game of life...which is highly unpredictable.

Sad...but true!!!

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