Ugly “The End”s of Bollywood pictures

We all have grown up watching movies with “nice” the ends. Nice and happy endings are what audience loves. At least this is the general understanding. And Bollywood directors always take care that they provide what audience expects.
Be it “lost and found” drama like Amar Akbar Anthony or a war between “Good and Bad” like Zanjeer. We have enjoyed every bit of these movies and left cinema places with a smile.

There were some respectable exceptions…very successful exceptions…like Sholay and Deewar (and Baazigar in recent times) where the movie was entirely “entertainment” focused, yet, it had a sad…little bit practical end.

Of course, there have been movies with a message…which had a sad end. Rang De Basanti is the best example of such kind of movies. It had everything…a great message, an awesome entertainment package, fantastic performances from all the actors, unique and fresh music…! A complete picture! Yet, it had a sad end. I have very few times felt “sad” about the end…felt like entering the screen and save the heroes and change the end anyhow. After Sholay, it was RDB which makes me feel that way.

Somehow, such practical “the ends” are very rare in our Bollywood movies. I watched an old Hollywood movie recently. A romantic drama… “if only” …! What a movie! I’m not much into SRK types nonsense (…no offense!) and useless romantic movies at all! I mean, there are hell too many issues in an “ordinary” guy’s life to waste all time and energy he has to follow a girl, go mad about her and then cry his heart out after losing her. But “if only” is of a different genre! It teaches about relationships…their value in one’s life. And the movie ends with an awfully sad end!
I got to be honest here…my “trained and conditioned by Bollywood” mind was hoping that the movie does NOT have such an end. I wished the director shows some mercy and let us enjoy the “…and they lived happily ever after!!!” feeling. But… :'( …huh…it ended sadly!

But today, all I know is, the movie has its IMPACT on me ONLY because it ends THAT way! It teaches a great lesson of living in the moment…enjoying every bit of time you have with your loved ones. If the end was nice and sweet and goody goody…I would not have thought about it so much. Not about the movie and not about the message.

The recent Bollywood movie “The Dirty Picture” has a mixture of Bollywood and Hollywood type of end. The protagonist actress, in the end, commits suicide…which to me…sounds very logical end. Sad, but logical.
BUT…the Imran Hashmi character…he falls for her??? WTH???
His very principles, which make him fight with the poor girl throughout the movie, undergo a 180 degree change…because he understands the industry dynamics of Bollywood. He understands that “filmein sirf 3 cheezo pe chalti hai…entertainment, entertainment, entertainment”.

Theek hai! Accepted…! We have to change sometimes. Agreed.
But how can you change at your core…and start loving, admiring, adoring a person who has done a great harm to your own believes?

Let us forget about the dirty picture. There have been some movies which were totally based on a particular topic…an issue…and which did not make any justice at all with the issue.

Love Aaj Kal is one of my all-time favourites. What an entertaining movie! Truly depicting OUR generation’s lifestyle and preferences.
Jay and Meera…Practical couple! With high aims and exciting dreams! They KNOW what they want from their own selves and from their relationships.

But all of a sudden…in the last 15-20 minutes…all philosophies, all believes just flush down the gutter and they “understand the love between them”!
Whole movie could have given an excellent message…to live your bloody own lives PRACTICALLY!!! To achieve what you aim for!!!
But NOPE! Our director choses an easy path…!

Same goes with “Salam Namaste”. Same goes with Rahul Bose’s “Pyaar Ke Side effects”.
In Salam Namaste, the moment NIK…(…not Nikhil Arrora…! He doesn’t like being called by his full name!!! :D  )…touches Amber’s tummy, which carries their babies…dammit…I understood where the movie was heading. And yeah…I understood that it was going to be commercially successful.

The Hum Dil DeChuke Sanam fiasco was even worse! The idiot girl goes to Italy and then refuses to be with her guy! Because…according to her… “Pyaar karna tumne sikhayaa…lekin pyaar nibhanaa…blah blah…”
The whole movie SHOWS us how sweet this couple ...Sallu bhai and Aish looks! How much “made for each other” they are. But Bhartiy Naree needs to be given “politically correct” message than the “Right” one.
Of course…Ajay Devgan character is very decent and respectable one. We respect him…admire him. But boss…yeh heroin Prem kee hai!!! She gotta be with HIM yaar! That’s the sole of the movie! The love between the couple!

I am not against the drama, emotion and love n respect etc in the movie. As they say, “love is blind”. Some weird things do happen with people in love! Really weird! I have seen my friends going down the path! :D
What I want to say is, IF you want to give some MESSAGE…please…STICK to it!! Show us the REAL stuff!

Sawariya…a flop movie…has an end consistent with the story. I felt sad that Ranbeer didn’t get the chick. Sorry dude…! But to make you feel good…we should not forget that the chick loved Prem…! From the beginning of the movie!

Chetan Bhagat’s recent book “Revolution 2020” has a sad ending. And I HATE sad endings. But the book speaks the truth! And it speaks the truth wisely.

I hate sad ends!
But I hate illogical ends even more!!!

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