India is my country. I am a Blind follower.

I request you to read : - (So called) Anti corruption movement timeline before you read following post.


In 1920s and later...the paid (and controlled by Gov i.e. British) media promoted a man as a guy with solutions to slavery. The guy -literally WASTED people's time in Bhajans, Soot-kataai etc. The guy asked Hindustan waasis to throw away weapons. In fact, one incident at Chauri-chaura---which killed a few British employed police...and this guy took back the Andolan immediately.

That guy, with the help of media, alienated ALL OTHER movements and freedom struggles...and tried, successfully, to get attention of whole country...while sidelining other leaders .

So, the guy HELPED British stay in India without any trouble at all...while PORTRAYING that he was fighting for Freedom.

That resulted in a prolonged delay in having our birthright - by at least 10 years AND...even worse...loss of good leaders like Bose, Sawarkar, BhagatSingh etc...who were ACTUALLY fighting for Freedom.


Today, media promoted a 'modern version' of such a guy.
That guy SUCCESSFULLY divided our Movement Against Corruption.

He did it...obviously with the help of paid media...he asked the followers to THROW AWAY modern day DEMOCRATIC WEAPONS---awareness about Law Proposals and a habit to ask Qs...he promoted BLIND FOLLOWERS...stopped them from asking Qs and giving suggestions.

Well, people were asked to give a CLOSED BOX...! No other person can see what I have suggested!

So, no one can know if this guy is rejecting/ignoring really good suggestions!!!

THAT resulted in, not a delay---but a FULL STOP---in having our birthright - freedom from corruption.

What's worse?


We were blid followers back then...we are blind followers NOW...we WILL REMAIN BLIND FOLLOWERS...FOREVER!!!

Gud bhee hai Gobar bhee...Bharat Mata ki Jai !!!

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