Kejriwal- hosting Aamir's 'Satyamev Jayate' on News Channels?

In my Marathi blog post, सत्यमेव जयते...पण "जय" मिळणार कसा? {Truth Only Triumphs...but "HOW" will we triumph?} I had put three logical opinions about Aamir and his TV show:

1) Showbiz is HIS bread and butter. So, he EARNING through such a show was absolutely fine!
2) He could have done any kind of show, but he chose to host a show which will enlighten us about issues we don't talk mush about. He tried to show the dark side of our own selves...our society. That's where he scored.
3) All said and done...above points 1 n 2 made...Aamir DID NOT give ANY FOOLPROOF solution in his shows. Now, we, as citizens, should not expect an actor to give solutions to our problems. So, it was anyway not expected from him. But people were perceiving these shows as solutions to the issues...a few interviews, a few tears shedding...claps n cheers for Aamir...and everything solved or en route to be solved.

Why am I saying all this?

Because of an improved version of Satyamev Jayate being broadcasted 24/7 on news channels.
Hosted by activist turned politician Arvind Kejriwalji.

Frankly speaking...we all must salute this guy for his guts. Taking on all BIG political parties - Congress as well as BJP... single handed...(I hope it is single handed)...doing all this everyday while maintaining his calm composure...indulging into debates with extremely intelligent ministers who are well known for their in depth knowledge of legislature and constitution...this all is not a joke.

Ridiculing him while sitting on my easy chair is easy.
But...following him without thinking anything is even easier.

Let's see what Kejriwalji is achieving {or, is planning to achieve} by his current media supported-promoted activism.

1) Bring a few scams in light
2) Show proofs...strengthening his allegations
3) May be, file PILs in courts in future for investigation on these cases {He hasn't done this yet. Says he has no faith in investigations as they are all hands in glove...but he might do that in future}
Anything else?
4) Prove that ALL the parties and netaas {or almost all of them} are crooks n thugs
5) Prove he is pure, willing to do all good for the nation, generate supporters base for him/his party etc.

The million dollar Q is...
Does ANY of the above assure us, Indians, that corruption is going to decrease / stop?

To divide the Q in small parts...

Does any of his activities ensure that he himself will NOT get corrupt if and when he reaches the PM's office and wears the raajmukut?

Does he give ANY FOOLPROOF solution to our issues today?

Has he given - any way, any suggestion, law proposal by which he is going to bring 'true democracy' which he is demanding since a year?
Janlokpal Bill? No kidding!
JLP Bill speaks about Democracy? No way sir! It gives power to a few people {Lokpals} and their accountability is rest upon other few people {Court Judges}. How does it bring true democracy? How does it strengthen the owners of the nation---the citizens ?

Sadly, the answers to all of the above is...NO / NONE / NOT AT ALL.

All that Kejriwalji has achieved so far is, garnering a huge amount of blind followers {which all the existing parties have already done}, generate no accountability at all {which all the existing parties have already done}, suppress all the will and wish of activists to create solutions which will empower 'the aam admi' of india {which all the existing parties have already done}.

In short...what Kejriwalji has done is...everything...which all the existing parties have already done...!

How is he planning to bring change?
By supporting him blindly? Or by supporting the dangerous JLP Bill blindly?

These are not the long term, final solutions at all.

That's why what Kejriwalji is doing today is no more no less than Aamir's Satyamev Jayate.

An entertainment show...which educates you about the ugly side of our society/ us hollow/false hopes of 'change in progress'...but in fact...achieves nothing substantial at all.


  1. so what do you give soution then?

    1. Thanks for reply!
      Please Msg me on facebook. Will let you know about the solution.