love thyself and the world will love thou

The reason behind restlessness within our hearts is the insatiable need of acknowledgment.

We crave for recognition. And for assurance...that we are needed by our loved ones. That they admire us for all the good we have within. That they want us in spite on our flaws within.

But at times, we must realize that, in the end, what matters is, our own love, admiration, respect...and...acceptance of our own selves.

None can know our deepest fears, unbreakable strengths and ugliest weaknesses but ourselves.

Do we accept us with all that we have within? Do we love ourselves for whatever we are?
...This decides presence or absence of true peace in our lives.

At times...after unfortunate wounds...we need to get up, smile and tell our souls...
'Dude...I'm back!'