Who is responsible for Rapes?

Some intellectuals want to legalize prostitution to prevent rape. They believe The Ugly Indian is a characterless bastard.
Filthy, Corrupt Bloody Indians!
These characterless animals can never have decency like Americans and Europeans. There's tremendous difference between the two People.

While I completely support the idea of legalizing prostitution - Does Prostitution prevent Rape? I doubt.
Does A Rapist wake up a fine day, decides to have sex and then thinks of all the available options - and as Prostitution is "illegal" indulges in a heinous crime like Rape? A Rapist - according to our social intellectuals - commits A CRIME like Rape because Prostitution is just ILLEGAL? Rapist prefers "A Crime" over "An illegal action"?

Also, They say there's difference between American / European n Indian people and their "mentality".
What's this 'difference'?
Does our mentality say "rape those who wear short cloths"? or "girls wearing short cloths are characterless n so it's allowed to rape them"? or "girl who is out late wants to get raped & that's why she is roaming around out late"?

Kuchh bhee !

Some mindless animals torture our women and our intellectual perverts jump into conclusion that 'All Indians are characterless'. These wise folks don't utter a word about the criminal history of every rapist. They ignore the fact that these criminals 'evolved' into psychotic rapists because they were left uncontrolled by those who are appointed to do so - Judiciary & Police.

These 2 institutions are supposed to provide us security.
We must Hold THEM accountable for the increase in crime -

Not the Common Indian, who is a Victim here...! Not a Culprit !

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