A Cricket lesson for Political and Social Activists

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Renown cricket commentator Harsh Bhogle is not an excellent cricketer himself. Yet he is regarded as one of the best Cricket commentators and sports journalists.

In one of his speeches, he said, “If anything stops Indian Cricketers from becoming 'good' to 'great', then that's ONE question - 'How much Cricket have you played?'. When I entered into this profession, Everyone asked me this question - 'How much Cricket have you played?'”.
According to Harsha, this arrogance of Indian Cricketers has prevented Indian Cricket (and cricketers themselves) from becoming ‘Great’ from just ‘good’.

Same applies to Political and Social Activists of India.
The “arrogance” of these activists is preventing our India from becoming a “Great Nation”.

Let them be BJP activists or AAPians…the moment you ask, demand, suggest something – they, instead of understanding your point of concern, counter question you – How much Politics have you played?

So according to these activists, a neutral person has no right of asking Qs. You MUST get into the “Rajneetee Kaa Kichad” if you are to ask anything. FYI, the “Rajneetee Kaa Kichad” is a favorite quote of one of my AAPian friends.

These AAP guys run away as fast as they can when you ask valid Qs about Swaraj and JanLokpal Bill. They completely ignore you when you inform them that their leader, Mr. Kejriwal had PROMISED Right To Recall on Lokpal in his book Swaraj but he DID NOT put any such clause in JanLokpal Bill. So, these AAPian champs don’t know anything about their own agendas, nor do they have guts to ask these Qs to their seniors – but – they feel no shame when they say, “Who will you vote for, if not AAP? Crooks like Congress and BJP?”

A senior activist leader of BJP said to me, “Why should we listen to people like you? You are neither BJP supporters nor Congress’. People like you just shout about pits on the roads”. I was like…WTH ? Is it an outright necessity to be either a BJP Supporter or Congress Bhagat? How about being A DESHBHAKT ? And anyways – we have never heard of any BJP activists marching in a morcha in BJP’s constituency demanding to improve the roads. It’s people like us – who shout about pits – who force netaas to do the job.

Similar is the case with self-proclaimed Hindutvawadis and Samaantaawadis. Ironically, they become opponents ! How can True Hindutva and True Samaantaa (keeping pseudo-hindutva and blind hatred towards few castes in the name of Samaantaa aside) be different from each other ? But you try explaining this as a neutral, third-person point of view and you get abused as being ‘Sickular’, laughed at your progressive mindset and are termed as Congressi. Hey Ram !

Not just India – throughout the world – all positive Vyavastha Parivartans have been achieved by those nationalists who have refrained themselves from any “ism”s and stuck to the points.

Unless our activists get this – it’s going to be a dark night on the horizon of India’s destiny.

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