Why I oppose AAP

I am a political activist. Working on ground in various ways since almost 5 years. Wanted to launch a political party, understood quickly that "replacing bad politicians with good politicians" isn't the solution. We need A Change in Indian System - व्यवस्थापरिवर्तन. And so - started purely political, pro-democratic activism. I do NOT support any political party - I support various Democratic, Participatory ideas, proposals, law drafts.

Three years ago, Indian politics got galvanized by the Anti-Corruption movement under the leadership of Anna Hazareji. It resulted in Congress lead UPA passing Lokpal Bill and Arvind Kejriwal, Annaji's past aid, launching Aam Admi Party. Since then, I have been vehemently criticizing the JanLokpal Bill and the Swaraj concept - the two foundations of AAP's ideology. I am always asked - why so much criticism for AAP, why relatively less attack on BJP - the Congress part 2, as far as corruption is concerned. In this blog post, I will explain why AAP is THE MOST DANGEROUS political franchise at the moment.

I have two major concerns about AAP, I am going to explain each in detail.

1) AAP's threat to the movement for व्यवस्थापरिवर्तन
2) The dangerous, anti-common people proposals - JanLokpal and Swaraj

First, AAP's threat to the movement for व्यवस्थापरिवर्तन

Three years ago whole nation was extremely upset with the corrupt system in India. Many youngsters were coming out of their shells, screaming against the injustice, searching for ultimate solutions, fighting to bring change in India. From environmental activists to educationalists, from a scholar of Indian Culture to an ordinary 12th standard student...everyone - or a lot of them - were- charged up. To bring a change. To fix the things, once and for all.

Where do we see all of them today? I see 8 out of 10 such ACTIVISTS - shouting AAP slogans. Running behind the AAP apex. Begging people to vote for AAP.
In ONE FLASH - all activism of India has been murdered.

I have said this since past 3 years - media CREATED the JanLokpal Andolan. Media CREATED the AAP. People ask me - why would media do that? - I say - to kill our activism. To divert us from our issue specific hard-work, towards Party Specific Activism. And - mind you - neither BJP nor Congress benefits out of this. It's the biggest villain that gets benefited - Corporate Lobbies.

Our activism for a better world - be it for a better environment or for good public transport services or for quality Government Education institutes - all of this harms the prospects of corp lobbies. 3 years ago...all this activism was about to unite - to bring व्यवस्थापरिवर्तन. Then happened IAC...then happened AAP. Today, THAT activism is dead.

People ask me, why do I criticize BJP / Congress "less" and AAP more. It's the same reason - BJP and Congress do not pose a threat to the movement of व्यवस्थापरिवर्तन ! We all know that most of the politicians from BJP, Congress and all other major political parties are corrupt ! So, even if the activist base of India votes for "the least bad" on the voting day, it doesn't stop it's fight for the better world - as that activist base is very well aware of the fact that these politicians will not bring any good change easily. And so - they are prepared to fight with these political forces.

With the launch of AAP - this fight stopped IMMEDIATELY ! Because these activists genuinely believe that bringing AAP will bring good people in power and thus "all our problems will be solved" if AAP candidates win and so - let's campaign for AAP !

The major fallacy in this belief is that a political party can NEVER remain 100% pure - no matter how much it tries to. TODAY, let's assume, all of the AAP's political faces are spotless. What happens 10 years down the line? We have had enough of history of humble beginnings. Checkout the history of Sharad Pawar, Laloo Prasad Yadav, Mayawati...and you will know. Corp lobbies will find 1000s of ways to buy elected representative or to bully them or - to finish them. That's why corp lobbies want us to focus only on elections and stop issue specific activism.

Another fallacy in preferring AAP over issue specific activism is - believing that AAP "wants" to solve the problem. Which, sadly, is not true. Consider the latest "no-bail-yes-jail" stance by Kejriwal. What was Kejriwal trying to prove, apart from 'standing for his values'? Asking all of us to stand for our values? We can't do that! We can not go to jail! We all can't afford a 'non-compliance' with judiciary! So? What is the solution offered here by AAP and Kejriwal? Nothing! No solution! And so - it appears as a drama to me.

I must admit - AAP raises very much valid Qs. But, AAP very smartly, never speaks about  the answers! Yes - Judiciary is full of injustice. SO, WHAT SHALL WE DO? - we (we - activists fighting for Judicial Reforms) say, bring Jury System in India - like it is in USA. AAP has never supported the idea of Jury System. Another classic example is - AAP says Right To Recall (RTR) is important. Kejriwal's been saying this since 3 years. RTR is mentioned in their manifesto too! But, the politician has not yet given a draft of the idea. RTR on whom? How? How to prevent the RTR being misused? - No answers.

So, here's how AAP murders our activism. Assuming that I am an RTR supporter (heavens! I really am!) and assuming that I am angry with the injustice that our Judiciary imparts on the common man of India - I see AAP's manifesto, I see that they have typed Right To Recall - and I start having hope in AAP. I see Kejriwal going to jail...and I think this guy is fighting for me! I STOP WORKING ON THE ISSUES I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT - and I start campaigning for AAP !

Where as BJP and Congress do not even acknowledge these two issues...and so...they keep my will of fighting for these causes.

But then, AAP "at least" say that they support these ideas - right?
Well, Subramanian Swami has supported RTR in distant past. He had wrote a letter to GOI, requesting to BAN RSS. He had played a vital role in bringing down Vajpeyee government. Now, today, we see Swami...as what he is today. Says "RTR is ridiculous" and asks GOI to make a law that forces Indian Muslims either to accept that their ancestors were Hindus or to lose their voting rights.
People change...Politicians change for sure.

AAP poses this huge danger of killing our issue specific activism and delivering absolutely nothing.

Second -  JanLokpal and Swaraj

So far, AAP has come up with only two well written ideas. JanLokpal and Swaraj. Out of these two, only JanLokpal is drafted. Swaraj is a dubious, unclear (thoughtfully kept so) idea. Not yet drafted as a proposed law.

I have written a detailed article on how JanLokpal and Swaraj are anti-common people and what solutions we (we - a group of democratic activists) have proposed. Please Clicke here to read the risks in detail and know the solutions too. But to summarize: JanLokpal will be a system - a watchdog - keeping an eye on corruption. All (or the most of it) corruption will be gone because of the JanLokpal. Similarly, AAP says that 'Swaraj' will give power to the people - how? - AAP promises that Mohalla Sabhaas will empower common citizens to take decisions related to their needs, wants and demands - and Gov will have to obey them - A total People's Government !

The question is - all said and done - what if Lokpals become corrupt. What if people like today's political leaders - who we all know are 100% corrupt, but leave no proof of corruption behind - become the members of Lokpal Bench? Who is going to catch them? HOW will we punish them? Courts, CBI...these have many flaws in them - many people in these institutions are themselves corrupt and have nexus with criminals...who knows...they'll team up with corrupt lokpals...like they have...with today's politicians!
There's a solution to this. We have spoken to AAP seniors about it. They have refused the suggestion. No reasons told.

Swaraj...a simple yet powerful idea. AAP is aggressively spreading awareness about it. What AAP never tells is - what will happen when decisions taken under Swaraj model will result in disputes. The disputed matters, will of course go to - Courts. So, the Judiciary will have final say. Then, how do Common People have a right here? - Solution is to inculcate Jury System in Swaraj Model. AAP doesn't want to utter a word called Jury System.
Similarly, what happens if a bunch of influential people / goons take control of decision making procedure? What if majority of people decide to change their decisions? What if many people need time to think, ponder over any major issues? How do they communicate? How to make sure ALL VOICES are registered and - all the voices are taken to all? - AAP refuses to answer these important questions - questions that actually shackle the fundamental premise of Swaraj model - empowering the common people.

And- we just don't criticize. We are offering a solution as well. AAP refuses to acknowledge.
My major criticism about AAP builds on these actions (or - inactions!).


But still - AAP is "better" than BJP and Conggress, right?
To this - I says - YES. AAP is indeed better. Right now, they are the purest. It's completely fine to vote for them. BUT - only VOTE for AAP. Do NOT support AAP. Do NOT divert your ACTIVISM towards AAP - that's what I have been always saying. AND - Please keep asking tough Qs to AAP. Ask them for the solutions, Law proposals, action plans...drafts...

A question is always asked - "Why do you expect ONLY from AAP? Why not from BJP / Congress? Why do you always demand AAP for RTR draft?"

Well, I love Paav-bhaaji. Whenever I feel like having some, I go to an Indian restaurant and order some. I eat, enjoy and return home.
Would it be logical to visit Pizza Hut and fight with them if they don't serve Paav-bhaaji?
Friends, AAP is a restaurant that offers RTR on their menu card. In order to pay them - with my ACTIVE support - I need to know if they are really serving me RTR.

I discuss proposals like Right To Recall, Jury System etc with ALL activists - BJP, ShivSena etc. But that is done with a motive of increasing the 'public pressure' on their senior leaders to accept the idea. Why would AAP need a public pressure, when they already support "Democratic Laws" ? I have no answer.


  1. Bhaia, i m.quite impressed by the last lines of your article... yes i too agree, ki agar sona ko khara hona hai, to usko aag ne tapna padega...

    Par bhaia, if in my family i demand a cell fon, and they refuse, will i leave my family?? or will i make my own family and wage wars to prove that i needed my cell fon?? i m nt focussing on whether getting a cell fon for me has a trgic consequence... wht i m trying to say, that if we need to spread a message, we need a platform!! Right now, AAP is the purest available platform... People or media doesn't lets any organization speead its wings so wide!! what i suggest is that if there is any reform required, it should be communicated to AAP regularly and its benefits should be made to be realised... I severely think that if if a group of people has thoughts tht can change india, improve system, then everyone should not chose different paths to attain the same motto... i an organization, there is always a possibility of conflict bt regular healthy discussions make the organization strong and its members satisfied... I don't know if AAP's ideologies are completely folloed or not... but i still support them because i need a platform to reach to common people to spread my message that any rule or any system/bill has flaws, and can be successful if nd only if people themselves make them themselves clean. if people teach their children honesty, follow themselves honesty!! (i have this because, u told about possibilty of corruption in jan-lokpal itself!)

    Another thing i would like to say, that, bhaia, i want to shake hands with you.. join ur group and AAP too...

    1. Sujay, thanks for the comment. :)

      I agree with you - we need a platform. Only thing is - is AAP the right platform? If you read the last para, I have said, keep a pressure on AAP. That will answer the question - Is AAP really willing to do anything good or not. If they are willing, they will accept your good proposals.

      Media never supports anything that will go against Corp lobbies. But media is promoting AAP hugely. We must keep faith in AAP very cautiously - and the safest way is - to continue with our own activism...and support AAP only after they accept your proposals/demands.

  2. Another thing is, 'vyavastha parivartan' is a slow and gradual process!! revolution is tge need of the hour!!

    1. Exactly Sujay ! Unfortunately, AAP has stopped the activists' efforts towards the movement of Vyavastha Parivartan. That's why the blog post ! :)