Vyavastha Parivartan (व्यवस्था परिवर्तन) : Concept, meaning and importance

I posted a status on facebook. It goes like this:

Q: What is paid media?
Ans: Any medium of communication being used directly or indirectly to create fake/superficial demons/villains (like RaGa, SoGa, Vadra etc) and larger-than-life/superficial gods/heros (like NaMo, AK etc) in effort to create an illusion of fight between "good and evil" but in reality - maintaining the status quo by killing every initiative towards fool proof solutions aka Vyavastha Parivartan.

A friend asked a question there..."I'd like to read what does Vyavastha 'Parivartan' mean from your prospective. Also, is it possible, to practically implement/adopt it within constitutional framework ? And most importantly can it cater to 1.25 billion people considering their mindset towards their social group, their Leader, or society at large?"

The question is very much valid. And it needs to be answered thoroughly.

In India, for any political/social problem, three types of solutions are offered - start from yourself (चरित्रनिर्माण), elect a good government (व्यक्ती-परिवर्तन), improve the system (व्यवस्था परिवर्तन). While there's no doubt that all three are good options, I firmly believe that only sustainable improvements in system is the final solution. And that is called Vyavastha Parivartan. I am trying to explain the concept and it's importance. I hope it results in some fruitful thought provocation.

The question is, what exactly constitutes Vyavastha Parivartan? How to prevent the loopholes present in the existent system - (i.e. the influence of religion, caste, languages or social preferences, influences of leaders, self-interests etc) - from entering the improved system?
To dig deeper - the intellectual elite class of India has mustered this theory that Indian citizens are so much divided into various forms that they don't see the larger picture. That Indians are corrupt, filthy, undisciplined & chaotic. And that, do whatever you want - The Ugly Indian will find a way out and corrupt the system.

The Qs/doubts on systematic change rises from this brain-washing. Fair enough. Let's take it down step by step.

What exactly constitutes Vyavastha Parivartan?

This means Parivartan in existing Vyavastha. A revamp of existing system.
Meaning - the existing system has various flaws in it - three biggest of them - 1) Lack of Transparency 2) Lack of People's Participation 3) Zero Accountability of Public Servants. When I say Vyavastha Parivartan - I mean, improving the existing system to remove these flaws. Bring in transparency, bring in People's participation on every possible level and impart accountability on public servants. Various excellent ways have been suggested to achieve this. Two of them are Transparent Opinion Gathering and Right To Recall.

We need to improve the existing system because we have above mentioned flaws in it. And - the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats would never want these flaws to get corrected and so, they'll try each and every trick to drift us away from our goal. In this attempt, all of those who get undue advantages due to the flaws in the system will help the politicians and bureaucrats. And that makes our goal very difficult to achieve.

So the question - how to make the new/improved system inert to people's selfish interests, inclinations?
This completely depends on the solution we design. We must read various proposed changes in laws (even existing laws). We should test them for their quality and see if they are really pro-common people. Good Pro-Common system has two qualities - 1) Transparency 2) Inclusion of People in decision making.
More transparent the process is, better is the awareness creation, least are the chances of ill-effects of personal choices. AND - more inclusion of people in the decision making, less the injustice towards people, less the anger due to injustice, less irrational behavior from extreme mobs - less impact of personal choices and preferences. Thus, the Vyavastha Parivartan that we wish to achieve MUST have above two qualities to keep it immune to corruption and nepotism.

Let me explain this with an example.
Let's take the example of various religious, caste based movements lead by their respective organizations.
Why do such movements/aggressions occur? Why don't they unite?
Answer lies in INJUSTICE. The injustice caused due to flawed system.
People who are subject to injustice caused by corruption and nepotism get fed up of it. They start believing that they are deliberately kept neglected and suppressed. And then the dirty game begins. Some leaders stands up and say only their caste is being neglected. Only their groups is being targeted. Government too, through various decisive ways, fuels this feeling of injustice and thus the division begins.

Demolition of illegal temples and mosques is a classic case in this regard. People of course get upset when their holy places are demolished. But they don't get violent because of this. They get violent when they feel that only their holy places are being removed. If this feeling is incorrect - Gov should come up with true numbers and justifications! And if this feeling is correct - Gov IS indeed at fault! In both the cases - our Governments keep mum and this causes the chaos.

This is why the "start from yourself" and "elect a good government" solutions don't solve the trouble PERMANENTLY. The feeling of injustice divides the otherwise well-natured mob. And a good-candidate, once elected becomes more or less just like the predecessors! This is why we need a system that is PEOPLE-PROOF.
IMPLEMENTATION is the trick. No matter whether the mob is corrupt or the decision maker is a criminal - the system should have enough checks to ensure implementation of law and order.
Rules and regulations, laws and legislature need to get IMPLEMENTED effectively. The existing system is prone to misuse because the implementation of laws is absent. We need to being in something that ensures implementation of our constitution impartially. Nothing else.
And that's the answer to an important Q - Can Vyavastha Parivartan be achieved within constitutional framework? - Hell yes. We have a good constitution. We need a little bit tweaking (within the framework, of course) to empower the constitution - for it's implementation.

I have already written about the ways through which we can achieve positive changes, without any side-effects. I have mentioned two above. Listing them below again:

1) Participatory Democracy - Importance and A Fool-Proof Way to achieve it
2) Right To Recall

I request readers to go through them thoroughly and ask questions, suggest improvisations. Not just these, any new proposals, ideas etc should be FIRST tested for transparency and accountability. People MUST have the right to express their opinion. This is the व्यवस्था परिवर्तन I am striving for.

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