The unnecessary worry about People's Participation in Governance

Most of us are weary of the idea of people's participation in government or about opinion gatherings.

We fear that it'll further the "mob-cracry" prevalent in India.

Let's first understand that opinion gatherings, people's participation in decision making etc DOES NOT mean that people will decide everything.

It only means that people will have a chance to say, express in A TRANSPARENT, OFFICIAL way.

Example: Should Maratha community be given reservation? - This question can be put forth and asked to all - with a segregation of Maratha and Non-maratha voters.

At the same time, people can be given options to put forth their demands related to their locality n other citizen voters can be asked to support/oppose such demands. Be it anything from construction of roads to improving hospitals. Anything n everything.

It can be an effective way to bring people together - the very same people who have different opinions on other trivial issues - only on the burning topics THAT REALLY MATTER.

Meaning :

People with all castes n languages will have choices to express their voices on ALL issues. THEN should we see what they prefer. And only after going through this, should we conclude if MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE, not The Mob, prefer petty issues over real ones.

Would people come out to express?
Will they even care?
Will ALL OF THEM succumb to freebie politics?

All this can only be known after giving an equal option to all.

It's time that our inclusive, tolerant democracy is given a real chance to flourish.

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